Thursday, July 23, 2015

Designing Your Painting First!

For our last class of the summer session this week, 
we talked about composition
 and the importance of designing your painting before 
even thinking about picking up a brush!  
I had them each arrange (and light) their own still life set up.
We then used view finders, the Value Viewer app, and did good old marker thumbnails
making design decisions along the way. 

The goal was to spend MORE time designing,
than painting. 
They had one hour. 

I was so glad someone chose the cherries!

Blue bowl, blue bottle, blue cloth.....
it all worked! 

I love teaching at NRAS! 
Such charm (and many memories)
We blew a fuse trying to jury rig the outlets and the air conditioners,
so Laura had to go down to the "spider room" to trip the breaker. 

I love these old New England buildings!  

The work was, as always, amazing 
and it was a great way to finish a terrific summer session. 
I loved working with all of you! 

Next session: 
Mondays September 14 - October 26 
1:30 - 4:30