Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Don't Try This at Home!

Painting chocolates is a lot more difficult than one would think.
How many shades of brown can there be? 

Box of Chocolates
8 x 8 

I put out all my "browns" and proceeded as if 
I was painting with chocolate! 
Dangerous, to say the least. 

NOTE: The James Library 
is hosting a Valentine Event on Friday February 8.
They have asked our GJWP group if we would do 
some themed paintings  
for display and sale that evening. 

  This is my first attempt


  1. I know from painting chocolate donuts the pain you went through! I use burnt umber with a bit of ultramarine for the darkest, then plain burnt umber, after that I just add cad. Red light, and cad yellow to make the lightest! But there are a thousand ways to get to the Mountain.... Have at it and have fun!

  2. These look good and chocolates for February....yum.