Monday, July 11, 2011

HOT Plein Air Monday

Four of us arrived at an incredible location today at 4:00 pm
overlooking the South River in Marshfield. 
It was 96 degrees with oppressive humidity, no wind 
and the green heads were in full combat mode.  
We were all having second thoughts.
But! We had bug spray, water, and found a spot 
with an occasional puff of a breeze.
So we set up. 
The haze looking into the sun is was what intrigued these two.

Sue, the pastel painter did this right off the bat! 

I've always loved how the row of Humarock Beach
 houses look from the river side.
All lined up like soldiers facing the sea. 
(Which they ARE during a Nor' Easter!) 

I didn't have a long horizontal surface to work on 
so I jury-rigged three 6x6 panels together
(on my Open Box M) . 
#3 is out of whack because of where the umbrella HAD to be. 
(I've never met a user friendly plein air umbrella, have you?) 

Here they are, at home, poorly photographed. 
But, I wanted you to see where I went with it. 
Once settled in, I had a ball doing this. 

Meanwhile, Casey did this! 
Incredibly simple yet it says it all. 
Hazy, Hot and humid! 

We were all, at one brief point, lost in just being there. 
That alone, makes these sessions worth all the hassle. 
I think that's why we keep at it. 
If interested in joining us, e-mail me!  


  1. Nancy, I love your triple panels, great idea, a beautiful end result! I wish that I could join you!

  2. So glad you shared this, especially the tough conditions-it's inspiring and makes me want to get outside even with the heat and humidity.
    The results were all great-love the triple panels.
    If I lived near I sure would love to join you!

  3. Wow! I'm impressed with your triple panel idea and the paintings you successfully did! All the paintings are beautiful!