Monday, July 25, 2011

What Ever Happens.... Happens

I love that you can't plan ahead for a plein air class.
(Especially in New England)
You just have to pick a place, show up and hope for the best.
The results can be amazing! 

Today we went to one of my favorite spots to paint. 
(The 3A bridge looking West over the North River) 
Rain coming. No sunlight. No shadows. No drama. 
And relentless bugs.
Here is what we came up with 
before we had to abort after 30 minutes! 

My start, making the luscious green marsh grass the drama 

I love the way Casey broke down all 
those greens into big abstract shapes. 
And the big decisive brush strokes with lots of paint!  

Joanne kept this so loose and direct. 
Again, in only 30 minutes! 
Adverse conditions make you work fast
so you gotta just let go!  

 I love this. 
Barbara was painting over an old painting 
that she'd sanded down. 
(The red stuff showing through) 
She was bummed that we had to quit, 
but we all told her to leave this alone! 

Next Monday we are will have "laboratory conditions"
 for sure.
We are long overdue.

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  1. You have got some seriously good painters here..thanks for showing us the work..great paintings on a tough value day