Sunday, November 13, 2011

Glorious Fall

"Glorious Fall"
10 x 12 

We are having a glorious Fall in New England!
The colors are almost surreal. 

I read somewhere that Ernest Hemingway 
always wrote the first sentence to his next chapter 
before leaving his typewriter for the day.
That way, he could be thinking about 
what he was going to write next
 the whole time he was gone. 

I like to have my next painting mapped out on the easel 
before I leave the studio for the day. 

I did this before I left the studio last night. 
That's what motivated me to get to it this afternoon.
I couldn't wait!  


  1. Great painting, Nancy. I am always intrigued by laundry on a line When I was in Italy, it was everywhere.

  2. Small wonder you couldn't wait to get to this beauty! I can almost hear the sheets flapping.

    I gather that this fall's colors are surreal all across the country. Due to drought, above average rain, heat, cold... you name it. Glorious color most everywhere. If I weren't so grateful for the scenery, I'd be scared, um, itless.

  3. This is a gorgeous painting. And I love the quote too!

  4. ...and a Glorious painting, too.
    You have motivated me, I have been thinking I id
    like to map out the next day's painting the night
    before, but just haven't started doing it yet.
    I am really enjoying all of yours, Nancy!

  5. Beautiful..can feel the glory..and GREAT advice