Sunday, December 11, 2011

One Hour Warm Up

I am going up to Essex, MA tomorrow to teach a 
"Painting in an Hour" class.
Today I decided I'd better do a "warm up".
"T Travelers" 
8 x 10 

I chose a rather complicated subject because I 
really wanted to challenge myself to work fast and loose. 
These gals were amazingly relaxed while riding a very crowed train!
Clearly "regulars." 


  1. Fabulous..handled so well...Enjoy the workshop..I know the participants will xx

  2. Oh, the humanity!
    I wouldn't say this painting is my favorite subject or palette, but I still love it. A lot. I keep coming back to look at it. Its appeal is absolutely undeniable. Like you said, very relaxing. Perfectly expressive.

  3. Good luck nancy - i'm sure it will be great. thanks for your nice comment on my blog - you inspire me too, all the time!!!

  4. This is great, Nancy. With your loose brushwork you captured that relaxed posture so well. I like it very much!