Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We've had three rainy days in a row and I've been in heaven!  
While I was "away from my desk" last month, 
I had so many ideas simmering, 
I couldn't wait for this time in the studio.  

Surf's Up
9 x 12 

I had some fun with this today.
Exploring some new "groups of beach people" ideas. 
It's always been a favorite subject of mine.  

Here are some of my better ones from the past:

Two of Each 
6 x 12 

Guy Time 
9 x 12 

Lazy Day Line Up
8 x 16

Low Tide Line Up 
8 x 16 

Kids and Dogs 
8 x 16 

So many opportunites.
So little time! 


  1. All GREAT!!...especially. SURFS UP..That is a First Prize waiting to happen

  2. Surf's Up is a winner. Love the way to got the rough waves to work and the reflection is excellent. Beach scenes are a favorite of mine too.

  3. great series...hope we get some beach weather soon!