Monday, August 19, 2013

High Key/Pattern Painting

It was very overcast and quiet at the beach today. 
The sky, sand, and water were all very muted
(which made the bright colors even brighter!)   

I am usually attracted to strongly sunlit subjects,
so this was a challenge.
I decided to approach it as a high key, pattern painting.
(See PKR's DVD's)  
These gals were about 200 yards away from my set up,
so I had no choice but to squint and paint what I could see. 
That sure helps you simplify! 

(I may get rid of the swimmer who looks like a starfish. 
I like him but he's distracting?) 


  1. Put an inflatable plastic tube around him!

  2. Hey really amazing nice one dear...if you use light sky blue color then it will be more attractive...

  3. Change NOTHING. I find the high key and muted colors very refreshing. You made a cloudy day very beautiful. Your drawing of the figures legs is also excellent

  4. I love the muted colors and the similar values.