Friday, February 7, 2014

Pattern Painting Exercise

When ever I am looking to shake things up
I like to do some Pattern Painting.
(PKR has a super DVD on this! ) 

I did this in my studio last week 
before I presented it to my class.  

This exercise is a great way to help you think more abstractly.
The focus is on creating exciting design and composition
using just line and color.  
No modeling. No light and shadow.

A simple set up on a low table 

 Outline the big shapes 

Use flat, clean color to fill in the shapes,
making design decisions as you go. 

In class we set up our own still life,
and did quick three value thumbnails 
until we got a design we liked. 

good old marker and paper  

or Value Viewer on I Pad

Whatever it takes to get the job done! 
(This gal did both!) 

If you do all the work to build a strong design 
ahead of time, 
you can then just enjoy applying the paint! 


  1. Last night I took out PKR's "High Value Key" for a friend, and found "Pattern Painting" in the stack to re-watch. This morning you posted this. Spooky!