Monday, January 26, 2015

Lesson Plans

I'm working on some exercises
for a new class I'm teaching; 
"Expressive Paintings From Photos" 

Three Values Plus One Color Exercise

The idea is to simplify a subject down to just three values,
planning them ahead. 
M- middle
L - light
D - dark
M+ - any middle value color 
(for background only) 

Afterward, I put the photo into the Value Viewer App 
and discovered I wasn't very far off! 

Value Viewer set on 
(three values) 

I took the image with my I phone 
from across the room at a restaurant. 

There are paintings everywhere!  


  1. What a great exercise, Nancy. This is something I want to work on-values and simplifying.I learn so much from your blog.

  2. Great app!
    I presume you had heard the forecast when you posted this and are just casually demo-ing that hardy New England so-what attitude. It's now high tide on Monday afternoon, and I'm sending good wishes to all of my Maine family and to the whole South Shore. Good luck!