Friday, June 26, 2015

South Shore Meets North Shore for Day of Painting

Last week 35 plein air painters from the South Shore of Boston 
took a bus up to Gloucester Harbor to meet and paint with 
35 painters from the North Shore. 
welcomed us with open arms and the day was just perfect. 
It was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to 
re-kindle old friendships and make new ones! 

Here are just a few samples of the amazing work done
(in between downpours!)  

Marsk Shasha from the NSAA did this about 
1/2 an hour in the parking lot.

Quick sketch by Jody Regan of our school bus 
next to the NSAA. 

Me, with the coordinator on the 
North Shore,
artist and gallery owner

(North Shore had blue name tags,
South Shore had red.) 

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