Sunday, October 28, 2012

You Gotta Love NYC

Our plans to get to the Edward Hopper House 
opening reception in Nyack, New York  
were dashed with the pending arrival of Sandy Sunday afternoon.  
We did, however, get to NYC on Saturday 
and, as always, I was not disappointed by all the "visuals."  

I took this out of the cab window in SoHo.  
Those are real underwear attached to that canvas.
Kind of creepy. No?
I wonder how much that will go for. 

This poor waiter was clearly embarrassed 
about taking a "Banana Split" for a walk. 
(But then again, look what he's wearing!)  
It was Halloween weekend after all. 

I thought this was a clever way to advertise.
Made me want to go in and get a blow out!

Just a couple of Cow Boys and Girls
hailing a cab. 

We are now back in Boston awaiting the arrival of Sandy.
Many prayers and thoughts go out to all 
who will be affected.
Be safe! 


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