Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Tools of the Trade

I recently discovered that I can easily get
an image in a three value scale right on my phone!
(Thanks to the upgrade?)
Select the image in Photos.
Hit EDIT at the top right corner
Hit the three circles icon in the middle of the bar
Choose the MONO filter.
You have all the information you need!

This was one of my 20 minute demos
done during the two day workshop this weekend.
(from a photo a student brought in) 

 It was great fun using this tool to check our values
throughout the weekend.
An incredibly valuable new
tool for our trade!

1 comment:

  1. OK well that's a reason to upgrade my phone. Until then I have a great app on it that does what you describe and more...Value Viewer. Open the app, pick your photo and go from color to grey, notan or levels - you can add/subtract how much of each and you can overlay a few different grids on top of the photo. This app on the Ipad is kind of brilliant but it also works on the phone for working out in the field.