Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vibrant Color Exercise

Liz Wiltzen posted this exercise on her blog 
before the holidays and I finally got around to trying it out.

"All Red" Exercise 
8 x 8 

This is a rather advanced challenge 
that totally reinforces the importance of getting the values right,
no matter what the color.
Then, viewing it in black and white
pretty much says it all.

"Color gets the credit, value does the work." 
Well, yeah!  

My other blog pal, Claudia Hammer 
has been doing the exercise
 in every color and her posts are enlightening.
Today she posted BLUE! 


  1. Boy..You are dead on with your values! Love the exercise. How do you transfer the color to black and white to see how ell the values read?

  2. You nailed it Nancy! I want to try this, I think I'll learn so much. Did you use the Value Viewer app to change it to black and white? Your colors are glorious!

  3. So good to see a good example of this exercise. It is right on target and beautiful.