Friday, April 6, 2012

No Drawing Exercise

I'm starting Tuesday morning classes at 
Salty Dog Studio next week. 
For our first class we are going to paint a still life 
without doing any preliminary drawing.
 I did this today to try it out. 
Signs of Spring 
6 x 6 

This is much harder than you'd think. 
The purpose of this exercise is to force yourself 
to see the big shapes. 
And that it does!

Yesterday I went up the Rockport Art Association 
to check out where I will be giving the 
weekend workshop April 21 and 22. (sold out!) 
It's a wonderful big space and the folks there couldn't be nicer!
While poking around the quaint harbor town, I spotted this.

Happy Spring! 


  1. Beautiful work! Congrats on your sold out class! I can tell that you are a fantastic instructor!

  2. Everyone will love your Rockport workshop! I really like the idea of not drawing - but I think you have to have a bit of experience drawing to do it as well as you did! Love the daffodils!

  3. The daffodils are fantastic and wish I could take the class. Love the water view through the hole in the gate.

  4. Awesome, Nancy, you got those big shapes and more! good luck with your workshop!