Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beach Season Hits New England

Hot, Dry Early Spring 
11 x 14

Yesterday it was in the high 80's and very dry. 
It felt like mid-summer. 
Except the sky still had that milky April feel. 
It was weird. 

I saw this on Pinterest and couldn't wait to do one. 


  1. VERY cool painting... love the cottages in the distance.. and the road up close!

    And that FOOT Now I need one. I don't need a good excuse to go rock hunting, but this will do!

  2. Thank you Kelley for being so good about commenting on my blog! You are the BEST! Thanks to you and Blog radio, I found those fun "feet" on Pinterest!

  3. Stunning work! I just love this series!

  4. I know this view well and I love the painting. This is your ilk for sure.
    Hey I have one of those feet :D
    Got the rocks in Nova Scotia.