Saturday, April 21, 2012

Show on the Road

 I'm taking my show on the road! 
My "One Hour Painting" workshop at 
Rockport Art Association is this weekend.

I've been packing for three days. 
I feel like I'm going camping.
I was a Girl Scout until I was a Senior in High School.
So this adventure is right up my alley.
Wish me luck! 


  1. Wow.
    You are ready to go. Thanks for making me feel like I have permission not to travel too light :D
    I want to hear all about it!
    Have fun,

  2. Looks like you are all set to go. Good luck.

  3. No one is more organized than YOU! Good luck, I hope you love it. They will definitely love you!

  4. Luck is not something you need Nance..You are skilled and as Kelley said THE most organized person I know...You could be secratary of state..for the planet...can't wait to hear all about the workshop