Monday, April 30, 2012

New Product Alert

I didn't even know Bob Ross was still around 
until my local Michaels replaced the 
Liquitex grey gesso with this.  
I toned a dozen 8 x 10's with it to use for my classes.  
When I did a "three value study" today 
and my middle value was much darker than the board
I knew things were a little "off".
The stuff is way too light to use as a measuring tool! 

Then, while doing the demo below,  I noticed the surface 
 was sucking all the oil out of the paint! 
No matter how much paint I put on the brush,
it flattened right out. 
I felt like I was painting with chalk!  

That product clearly creates a surface that is 
not conducive to my current way of  painting, 
But! It was fun playing with the "drag" it created.   
I would call this the "Forced Dry Brush" challenge.  

NOTE: I mislead you. The GJWP blog is always scheduled
 to publish at 12:01 AM on the first of every month, 
so please check to see the new posts anytime after that! 

ALSO: The coolest thing happened today! 
Barbara Shroud "found" me last week on the internet
and featured me on her very cool blog today!
Her blog makes me want to visit Charleston! 


  1. Thanks for the warning!!!! And excellent article on you!

  2. Nancy, your work is amazing and so are both of your blogs. I truly am enjoying!

  3. Hi Nancy, I had a similar experience last week with Golden Gesso. I worked for days on a gessoed 18x36 panel in my figurative painting class. SOOO frustrating. My teacher finally said, "don't fight it, move on" and encouraged me to start a new painting. Her thought was that I didn't allow the gesso long enough to dry/cure. Thanks for sharing. Glad I'm not alone. Your results were so much better, but there's no way I could have finished an 18x36 with that chalky texture.

  4. I think Golden N6 grey acrylic is the way to go!