Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quick Figure Studies outside

My friend Sue Dragoo 
(who also took the PKR workshop last week) 
came over yesterday and we took turns 
posing for each other.
Twenty minute studies out on the deck. 

My 20 minute study of Sue  
Sue's 20 minute study of me! 

(Note: We are both much cuter than these portray, 
but that's not the point) 

It really hit home during the workshop that 
painting from LIFE is SO valuable!   
 I need to practice, practice, practice,
drawing and painting the figure from life outdoors 
as often as I can.

Even these little contour drawings on the beach will help! 


  1. You're so right Nancy...the contour drawings will help. I often go to various parking lots near work at lunch and draw the people coming and going...supermarkets are the best. These paintings are fun!

  2. You are great. I don't want to practice and don't ! But clearly it is so beneficial. Your portrait..20 minutes is beautiful with an awesome PUNCH.You are as usual, an inspiration. I have ordered Peggy's DVD's but would prefer yours.