Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Be Yourself!"

Peggi is a very generous and thoughtful instructor! 
 She did a demo for every exercise she had us do, 
gave us lots of one-on-one instruction.
 and kept us working right up until the last minute. 
(Even in an impossible heat wave. She is a trooper!)

Peggi Sketching 
(98 degrees and no breeze!)   

All of the exercises we covered are on her awesome DVD's:
Value Plans, Pattern Painting, Edges, Paint Application, Simplified Shadow Mass,
High Key Paintings, Proportions of the Head, Proportions of the Figure, Adding Figures in the Landscape (perspective), Contour Drawing and Figure in Two Colors.
Some samples of her demos:  

Proportions of the Head 

Simplified Shadow Mass Exercise on the left
The one on the right became a 
High Key Painting demo. 

Proportions of the Figure  

The lesson I appreciate the most though, is that she was constantly reminding us 
"to be ourselves."
"Learn the tools and then use them to develop your own way of expressing yourself. 
Never try to paint like someone else.
Give yourself permission to be who you are!" 

That reminder alone, was worth the whole week. 


  1. I agree -Peggi is a fantastic instructor and has a great spirit. I took a workshop with her a few years ago and it improved my work in so many ways. Her videos are also very helpful Thanks for the report Nancy!

  2. Nancy, Thank you for sharing your WS photos, and info. This is such a great way to find out about WS teachers, before signing up! Wonderful post!