Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Translating Value to Color

Translating "value to color" is probably the most difficult concept to understand. 
Today we divided our boards in half 
and did two identical "maps" of a simple still life.  
On the top, we did a full range (6) value study using black and white.  
Then painted the bottom one in full color, 
"matching" the color directly on the value study above. 

The idea is that if the "color" disappears when you squint, 
it's the right value! 

Here is that same exercise as seen on the 
"Value Viewer" application in gray scale. 
We instantly knew that she needed to make the light side of the lime lighter
and the shadow side darker!  
How fun is that?   


  1. Checking the value right on the painting, seen by your marks on the first picture, right?