Monday, February 22, 2016

A New Easel

I recently realized that I was thwarted 
every time I attempted to set up a new painting.
No matter what size I attempted, 
my easel was a jury-rigged mess.
So I ordered a new larger St.Remy easel.

Putting it together made an IKEA 
assembly look like play school!
(It took me two very frustrating sessions)   

It's larger and sturdier than my old one
  and I can now paint larger canvases,
 or two at a time, 
 without clipping or taping to secure them!   
 I've set up a new lighting plan,
sorted my supplies,  
and am ready to go! 

Amazing how a new piece of equipment 
can make such a difference! 


  1. Hi Nancy
    I had a similar, very frustrating experience assembling a new easel which I purchased from Jerry's. It wasn't Jerry's fault but the mfgr packed a wrong piece which led to hours of additional work. Jerry's technicians & customer service reps were very helpful in determining the error and I was sent an entirely new easel and was told to keep the first one for spare parts, if ever needed. Jerry's -Very good people to deal with.
    Good Luck with your new easel.
    Buddy G.

    1. My problem was the directions! They never said what direction the pieces went together. I put the damn thing together three times and had to take it apart completely every time.