Thursday, February 25, 2016

Studio Lighting

I received a few inquiries about my
new "lighting system"
so I thought I'd share.
I'm currently using an easel lamp from the Daylight Company.

The clamp lock system and flexible arm allow me
to position it where I need it. 

I also have a 
Smith Victor  photographers lamp 
(Adapta Light Raven RS 6)
on a stand. 

It's great to use for models, still life set ups, 
or to just light the painting you are working on.

I also have various inexpensive clip on lights
that drive me crazy.

 As far as bulbs,
I like using Chromalux full spectrum bulbs 
The light is as close to natural sunlight as you can get,
however they aren't very green.
Still researching the newer non-incandescent bulbs,
and if anyone has any suggestions
 please let me know!

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