Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Apple Store

I recently took a class at the Apple Store 
to learn more about the camera on my new phone. 
While playing with some of the new features, 
I captured this scene. 
I was initially attracted to the arrangaement of all the shapes of color, 
then I couldn't help 
making it a "narrative" of the 
Apple Store experience. 
(Little eye contact and a lot of waiting 
in a sterile environment.) 

The Apple Store
24 by 24 
oil on canvas 

Here is the reference photo I used,
so you can see some of the changes I made along the way. 

A fun subject! 

The year long on-line class I've been taking 
ended last week.  
I'll miss the weekly lessons and challenges 
and the interaction with the other artists. 
That said, I'm looking forward to discovering
where it all will take me.  

Bring on 2019! 

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