Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beginner Beginners

Last night I had two young woman, who had never painted before,
come to the studio for the first of two painting lessons. 
I gave them what I call my "drive-by shooting" version of 
"How to Paint in Oils" 
(Limited palette, big brushes, lots of paint, simplified shapes) 
I'm pretty excited about these results! 

In just three hours, they got to go home with a finished painting!
Note: I set them up with my extra equipment and we used my paints. 
I've found that beginners generally end up buying the wrong supplies, 
which causes a lot of frustration all the way around. 
This alleviated all that.
And now, if they want to continue, they will know what to purchase!

Other news: Check out Local Betty this week!
They will be talking about First Saturdays in Hingham Square.
A few of us will be painting on location outside
White Magdelena
60 South Street
from noon to 4 on
April 2, May 7, June 4!


  1. Really great job for first paintings! Wow, that must be a heck of a drive by lesson.

  2. What a super concept. I'll bet they were very pleased with their efforts; what a great way to encourage them to keep on painting!