Saturday, March 19, 2011

Still There?

 It's getting hard to stay in the Caribbean mode 
when it's 65 degrees and sunny here in New England! 
Welcome Spring! 
Easy Commute
6 x 8 

On another note; 
I just finished another great book that I'd like to reccomend. 

The Weird Sisters, by Eleanor Brown.
It's a wonderful exploration of adult siblings' relationships with each other and their parents. 
Beautifully written in first-person-plural narrative. 
I devoured it. 


  1. Like the painting Sister and always like your book recomendations

  2. You're really getting the light in these 'water' paintings!! Fabulous!!
    I also love your book recommendations. Read Edgar Sawtelle after you mentioned it and think it's still one of the best stories ever.