Thursday, March 31, 2011

The "win win" of donating paintings

I am donating this small painting to be auctioned off at 
"Cosmos for a Cure",
a fundraiser for a friend of mine and her daughter so they can participate 
in the Avon two day walk for cancer in April. 

"Apple of my Eye"
6 x 6

Artists get so many requests to donate paintings,
 that it's a challenge to decide what and who to give to. 
I figure, it's a great way to get your name out there 
AND help a good cause. 
(Better to have your work on someone's wall, than in your studio!)
AND it seems like every time I donate something, 
I make a contact of some kind 
that leads to a sale down the road. 
A "win win" situation, all the way around. 

 Rule of thumb:
Only donate work that YOU would bid on! 


  1. Very beautiful painting and great advice..coming from one of the most generous, thoughtful gift givers with fabulous taste

  2. Nice work...I hope it brings a huge donation for the charity!

  3. Lovely, best wishes on huge donations.

  4. Absolutely. Perfect little painting, and perfect advice. I did the same (I think for the same auction!). Wise woman.