Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weather Related

March in New England can be an emotional roller coaster for people like me. 
My "mood" is totally directed by whatever the weather is. 
Sunny and warm; I'm up beat and out.
 Cold and grey; I'm in and hunkered.  
As much as I planned on leaving the Carribean, I had to go back there today. 

"Holding Court"
5 x 7

It was chilly, raw; 40 degrees and cloudy    
I'm so lucky to have the kind of job where I can plan my day accordingly! 


  1. Oh this is just too fun and I can so relate. Even living in Georgia, I want it 70 and sunny nice all year round. Love the brushwork in this one.

  2. again, wonderful light sparkling on the water and the highlights on the hats of the 'bobbers'.

  3. Not sure how I missed this one, but I LOVE it!