Friday, May 18, 2012

Channelling Charles Sovek

I've been channeling Charles Sovek lately. 
He was one of the biggest influences on my work 
and I will never forget him. 
Re-reading his book before I gave the figure workshop 
last week re-inspired me.  
Today I did this from an image I took of the model 
we used for a class. 

"Have A Seat"
6 x 8 

It reminded me of this study I did 
in a Charles' workshop in 2006!  

RIP dear friend and mentor. 


  1. I love his work and books too. I never got to take a workshop with him and I know you feel very fortunate that you got to do that. Beautiful examples of your talent here Nancy!

  2. Nancy , Thank you for the great post! I love to hear about what inspires other artists! You and Charles are both such outstanding artists!

  3. yeah, I loved charles sovek too. took 2 workshops from him, the first one in 1995. I did a painting of him painting a scene in Jalapa, Mexico and sent a copy to him. He told me it was posted on his refrigerator. I miss him.