Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yearly Art Adventure

"Mansard at Dawn" 
by Tim Horn
I am off on my yearly "art adventure" tomorrow.
A three day plein air workshop with Tim Horn in Greenport NY.
Taking my jeep on the Cross Sound Ferry from CT to Long Island.
So excited. 


I have to share these two images I took last weekend.
An interesting way to fish. 
Or a really boring date?  

I've seen these T shirts in catalogues, but never thought 
I'd ever see some one actually wearing one.
Happy summer everyone! 


  1. Have a great time at your workshop! Love Tim Horn's work!

    The t-shirt is a riot!! :-D

  2. Have a great time..Can't wait to see what you poduce..your work is so leaning towards his the beach photos

  3. Have a great time, beach photos.

  4. Tim Horn's work in SouthWest Art was very appealing; I'd be excited too.

  5. love love love this mansard. Looks like Stonington, Maine.
    The trip sounds wonderful and the t-shirt shot....well....what to say ;D ?