Monday, May 7, 2012

Lampshade Inspiration

Every May, my friend Sally and I get together
to paint an "object" to sell at the
North River Arts Society Festival.
This year it's lampshades.
For inspiration, we googled Aboriginal Art and found these
wonderful patterns using lots of circles and dots!

Then we just went with it....

It was so much fun to let go and just play.
Sally's was still a "work in progress" when she left. 
I'm sure she will be posting her final result here! 

Here is my finished product. 

My nod to the 
"Aboriginal Art Movement".
 Hopefully it will end up in someone's cool house. 

Painting with acrylics is so liberating.  
You can layer and cut in and just "let things happen!"    


  1. Well, of course this makes me want to go out and buy a bunch of shade blanks. Love your idea of the Aboriginal spots!
    I do have one question, though. I've been using acrylic paint for years and, when getting the objet d'art a little too close to the fire, flame or bulb, there can be a certain odeur. Are you concerned about the lampshades in this respect? Of course, there is always the t'hell-wid-it proviso.

  2. EESH! Good point! I certainly didn't consider that! I think the gal who organizes this effort must have looked into that....and I think she sprays them with something? I'll certainly let you know!

  3. Love the lampshades and what a great idea!!!

  4. Art AND Function always appeals to me. I think I'll do one for myself.