Monday, May 14, 2012

Workshop Discoveries

I am very excited about all the 
discoveries that were made in 
The Figure workshop on Saturday! 
Mine included! 
First I did a demo from a photo, using the 
same "One Hour" approach I use with still life. 

Then I gave each of them one of my photos of
"figures in the sunlight" to use as a reference.
These are just two samples of some of the starts.

In the afternoon we started with 10 minute 
"two value" studies using a model

Then we all painted 20 minute poses with the model seated. 
My first 20 minute.
It's hard to get the proportions correct when working that fast. 
It's a real challenge, but such fun!   

The model was fantastic! 
A great big thank you to all the gals who attended, 
especially the two that drove down from the North Shore!  


  1. well, well, well. Fine work by everyone.

  2. These look great - a two value figure drawing study does sound (and look) like fun.

  3. Simple wonderful..wish I had been there with you all...the paintings are stunning..such drama