Friday, March 13, 2015

Hazy, Hot and Humid

Hazy, Hot, and Humid
12 x 12 

This painting did not have an easy delivery.  
I had it close to finishing but a 
largish male figure on the right side 
wasn't working. 
While wiping it out I dropped the painting on the floor. 
Face down. 

It had "good bones" so I thought it was worth saving,  
however it's hard to keep the freshness of the original strokes 
when that happens.  
I did a lot of wiping and used a ton of paint! 

I'm not sure about the ocean color. 
Darker may be better, 
but I wanted it to feel like glare.


  1. First thing I noticed was the funky water/sand color combo. I REALLY liked it! You know - the glare from the water really does make it lighter - play with colors - it's different and fun!! (Love the 'dropped it on the floor facedown' part! )

  2. Nice rescue effort :) I love the color of the water with the warm sand tones. Good you kept your cool when the thing landed face down. Really great painting.

  3. I love the complementary and vivid colors on this one. Very bright. Beautiful work.