Sunday, March 1, 2015

Linen "Panels" at Michael's

I couldn't wait to try out one of the "linen panels"
 I'd found in the Craft section at   
Michael's the other day. 
($4.49 for a 9 x 12) 

The surface sucked up the paint so much 
it felt like walking in 3 feet of snow. 

It was a struggle every step of the way
and the end result was, well, 

9 x 12 
(Quick Linen Experiment) 

It was a fun experiment 
and I recognize the beauty that can be created with linen.
However, I think there is a reason they were in the 
craft section and not the art supply section.   
Oil painting isn't on the "ideal for" list. 
Maybe the clear gesso sealer should be on the front side?  

They also had "denim panels"on the same display. 
Painting on blue jeans?
I should have known. 

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