Thursday, March 5, 2015

Art Snacks!

My sweet and thoughtful son gave me a three month subscription to 
Artsnacks for my birthday this year.
An ingenius concept for artists. 
My first box came today and it included: 
A chamois cloth
Small box of four white soft pastels
A Conte' black sketching pencil 
An orange double- tipped marker 
(a brush and fine point) 
a lollipop and 
an Aqua towel for clean up! 

My goal was to do a sketch using all of the items! 
 The orange marker 

joined by the conte' pencil 

joined by the white pastel and cloth.

And I enjoyed the lollipop while I was posting this! 

What a great idea. 
The gift that keeps on giving! 
Thanks Sebastian! 

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