Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Experimenting with Mark Making

 Along with limiting my shapes and colors, 
I've been experimenting with "mark making".
This little one 
took many turns along the way. 

Busy Beach 
9 x 9 oil 

First, I used a different image of the same subject and 
blocked it in over an old painting on a carton board. 

I got it this far,  then scraped the whole thing off 
because I didn't like the composition. 
(I kind of wish I had kept working in to it 
at this point) 

I chose a different "view" of the same scene, 
and let it dry a bit after I got it this far. 

Once tacky, I was able to go back in and soften some of the edges,
and adjust some of the color shapes. 

We are in the height of summer, 
so I think there will be more experiments 
with this subject matter! 


  1. Both great...interesting choice of sky and beach color...makes the whole thing POP. Love what you are doing