Tuesday, August 23, 2016


"Color Matters" 
20 x 20 
oil on canvas

An artist friend recently commented that my work
was reminiscent of the work of Alfred Chadbourn.
I was flattered because he was an instructor of
who I took a few workshops with years ago.
To this day, I consider Charles one of my biggest influences.

I've been studying this book and have 
 realized that while my approach and style may be changing, 
I'm not really doing anything new. 
I'm just doing the same thing, differently.   


  1. Nice painting and great reference as always. I bought PAINTING WITH A FRESH EYE by Chadnourne years ago on Monhegan. He is one of my very favorite inspirations. He was Charles Reid's teacher.

  2. I agree about the Chadbourne reference.
    I took a workshop with him at NRAS back in the day.
    Also, was lucky to see a retrospective of his work at three different locations in Yarmouth, Maine last fall, where he lived.
    Paint ON!