Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tweaking Paintings

I finally got around to "tweaking" some of the paintings
I've done so far this summer,
so I thought I'd share some of the results. 

"Docked" (Final version) 
12 x 16 oil 

 The initial version  

The white shape at the upper left corner bothered me
so I took it out, 
and the values on the sail boat and reflections were too dark
so I lightened them. 

"Busy Beach Day" ( Final version)
9 x 9 oil 

The initial version 

The blue chair on the right needed some definition
so I added a red cooler 
and the hint of another chair to break up the space.  

Tweaking paintings "after the fact" can be risky.
I've ruined many paintings that way, 
as I tend to forget my initial spontaneous response to the subject
and end up over working them.

I think these survived.

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