Monday, August 30, 2010

Last week of summer

Here we are. One more glorious week left of this amazing summer. I took off on my bike this morning with my painting gear and was amazed at how quiet it is at the beach. I guess everyone is out "back-to-school" shopping.

I brought my 8 x 10 pochade and lightweight tripod that are easily transportable on my bike. 

I did this facing the sun. It got so hot that I had to get under some shade, so I turned around and did this one from under a tree. 

 I love the rustic look of the cedar trees everywhere.
Nature's own landscaping. 


  1. These are really nice! I especially like the top one. I also like the painting in your last post. All are just wonderful!

  2. These are really nice, as usual! Now that I have a place to store one, I will be looking for a bike to do some adventurous plein air next year.

  3. I like the shot of the bike and the tripod! It sounds like a wonderful day and you got two good paintings out of it! Nature's landscaping :)