Monday, August 16, 2010

Repeating Subject Matter

I rarely paint the same subject twice. For some reason, I have painted this house over and over again. I think it's because of the way it sits up on a dune all by itself with all those quirky angles that work so well in the sunlight. I did this in my studio today from a photo I took on a bike ride last Saturday. 

"High Noon" 
8 x 10 
(From the road)

I went back into my photo files to find the other paintings I have done of this subject. 
Here are two of the many that are out there.
(I couldn't find an image of one I did in 2008 from the side in late winter. A fellow artist owns it, so I'm going to ask her if I can borrow it to take an image.)  

Humarock Hideaway *
10 x 10 
(from the road)  

Beach Patrol *
8 x 8 
(from the beach) 

PS. I've heard that this house is still owned by the family who originally built it in the 30's.  That makes me like the house even more.    


  1. I understand why you are drawn to this house. With all the angles, nooks and crannies it just begs to be painted. As the light changes throughout the day and seasons, one could paint it every day and it would always be different. You are fortunate to have such a great subject and all three paintings are really good.

  2. I like the isolation of this house, whether real or perceived.... and I think each time you did it, you 'got it' more! This time is the very best!

  3. Love the painting.I have one of your pieces that is of a similar subject. Your style, clean colors, growth is so clearly visible. Fun to see your work shine on

  4. Thanks for the comments! Love hearing them!

  5. I almost have to give myself permission to repeat. As though each painting has to be the one and only of that particular subject.
    Well, this painting illustrates the power of repetition. It's slammin'! Great color and light.