Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

I pretty much steer clear of painting sunrises or sunsets. I figure God does such a great job at them, why  even attempt to re-create something already done so well by the Master? This month though our challenge group chose the sun as our topic so I've been well.... challenged!

For this painting, I used a method I learned from a London based artist, Stephen Brown. He mixes up a big batch of the sky color and then introduces that into every other color he uses in a painting. The thinking is that it gives the painting unity. After all, the sky color does reflect in to everything on earth. No?


  1. Well, I'm a HUGE sunset fan, have been since I was a kid... it's just a magic time of day! You did a great job here - funny you should talk about the 'sky' in everything - that's one thing I remember from my class with Ellen Whalen... it has stuck with me all this time! So true! What I think you did so WELL at with this painting is the grayed blue around the sun, and the hint of pink surrounding the yellow. It really makes it sing...

  2. I agree with Kelley. However, I've never heard about adding sky color to every mix to achieve harmony - great idea and I am going to try it next time I paint outside (which won't be until this awful heat subsides!). I think it's wonderful - this blogging thing - I learn something new almost every day!