Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scary Phthalo Blue

I'm taking a workshop in a few weeks with Carol Marine. She uses Phthalo Blue and that color has always scared me because it seems to take over everything! I very cautiously added it to my palette today and experimented a bit. 

8 x 10  

8 x 10 

I discovered that it makes a great "darkest dark" with the burnt umber that she also uses. I'm psyched!


  1. Great paintings! Wish I was there relaxing on the beach. :-)

    I took Carol's workshop last spring and I am taking her advanced workshop in October. She is an awesome teacher and a lot of fun! You're going to love it!!

  2. I find it's less scary than it's reputed to be - just using it you learn how powerful it is. I think I wouldn't be without it now! The figure in Meditations is particularly good, Nanny, I think the Pthalo worked well in both!