Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eye Ball Plant

At my garden club meeting last week, the owner of The Crystal Lake Garden Shop brought us dozens of unusual and interesting "easy to grow" plants to show us. My favorite was this "eyeball plant"! It's an "Historical medicinal herb with unique acorn-shaped orange-yellow flowers. An unusual container or flowerbed plant. It has striking cone-like flowers with no flower petals, but instead, exhibits golden 'buds' with a rust-red center! Quite an eye-catcher. "
How funny! No petals, just those cool eyeballs, (that can also look like olives, depending on your mood and/or time of day).   

This is a small watercolor I did while sitting on the deck with my artist friend Sally Dean. She was painting it too for her 365 flower blog. Check it out!  

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