Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Limited Stroke Exercise

My all time favorite! 
This challenge helps overcome the ever present  
fear of using a lot of paint
and the results are always amazing.

We set up a simple still life in strong light, 
and drew our maps outlining only the big shapes.
The idea is to fill in each shape with one stroke! 
We counted the number of shapes and marked that number to the left. 
Each time you fill in a shape without picking up the brush
you make a mark under the number. 

You have to use a lot of paint and a #8 flat to get the job done. 
For that background I LOADED the brush and just kept turning it. 

The results are surprisingly simple, rather abstract paintings 
with wonderful surface quality! 
Here are just a few of the delightful surprises that happened today.

Look at all that luscious paint! 
Bravo people! 

There are a few openings left for my 
class Tuesday mornings 
April 23 to May 28

There will be new exercises and demos, 
focussing on simplifying the painting process
for more intuitive and spontaneous paintings.
Perfect for anyone needing to get 


  1. At a Robert Fionda workshop we were all given a pack of M&M peanuts. Each time we made a stroke we had to eat a peanut. The packs averaged 23-24 peanuts, and there was a lot of laughter making sure no one cheated!

  2. S. and I are on the same wavelength. Simplicity is one of the most difficult things to consider in painting. What is the most essential aspect that needs to be said and with the most economy in execution. A wonderful thing to do.