Thursday, June 30, 2016

Shift into Summer

Every year, the shift into summer
shakes up my painting routine
and I loose my groove a bit.

So in the mean time, I've been doing quick studies in gouache.

The really good  "reference material" is starting to show up
at the beach and I'm psyched. 

When I move in to my "satellite studio" at the beach,
it takes me awhile to get used to the new flung shui.

Apparently, Cello doesn't need any adjustment time.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Plein Air, finally!

In preparation for my Artist Residency 
this September in Gloucester,  
I am gearing up for lots of plein air this summer. 
 Quick "pop up" sessions work best for me
so I'm working small.

Last week I went to the dunes down the street
around 4:00.
A soon as I set up, the clouds came
 so I quickly popped in these shapes of color.

Dune Fence 
45 minute plein air 
9 x 9 oil on carton board

It's been a long time since I painted plein air.
so I'm pretty rusty.
I'm looking forward to when it comes a little easier!
And I don't forget anything.

 My set up.
This was a long walk with my gear.
I forgot my shopping cart
with the big wheels. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Edges and Texture

  Lately, I am finding myself drawn to paintings 
with interesting edges and textures
so I thought I'd try something new.

Harbor Hide Out,
(Rocky Neck)  
9 x 9 oil 

I painted this over an old painting that I had scraped down.
And I did it upside down.

It's a great way to allow unexpected things to happen,
and I was excited when I turned it right side up.

Then I layered and scratched and wiped, let it dry,
and did it a little more.

I've been inspired by the work of Andy Karnes. 
He does edges and texture better than anyone.
Go to his website and zoom in!

"Our Neighbors"
20 x 16 oil on canvas 
by Andy Karnes. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Georgia O'Keeffe

 Tonight, I went to hear Dawn Tripp  the author of  "Georgia",
speak about her popular new biographical fiction
about Georgia O'Keeffe 
and her relationship with Alfred Stieglitz.
It's a wonderfully engaging and thought provoking read and
I've been fascinated by all things Georgia ever since.

Georgia O’Keeffe, “Sunrise and Little Clouds No. II” 
(1916), watercolor on paper

This is one of her early abstract water colors,
done while she was teaching in Texas (in her early 20's)
before she went to NY.

One can only wonder how much of this pure expressive freedom
was lost when she went East?

Would love to hear thoughts from fellow readers out there....

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stuart Shils Lecture

I attended a slideshow lecture by Stuart Shils 
at Concord Art a few weeks ago. 
He is an engaging speaker 
and incredibly enthusiastic about painting.

Grey Day Roof Tops 
8 x 10 oil 

It was a grey day without any light and shadow pattern 
so I decided to make this about the shapes and edges. 


farmhouse and telephone poles 
by Stuart Shils
2007 oil 12 x 13.5"

I am discovering so many new contemporary artists 
I'm going to an opening tonight - 
"Responding to Place" featuring 
15 outstanding artists, 
including Wolf Kahn, Stuart Shils and Lois Dodd. 
It will be up until August 16 so stop in if you are out that way! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Beach Light

We've moved to the beach a bit early this year 
and I'm, once again astounded by the ever changing light. 

Close Quarters 
8 x 8 oil study

 Today, I finally got out on the deck
to work on this study I started a few days ago. 

It was a much needed diversion from 
the horrific news of Orlando.
It's almost impossible to see light when 
there is so much darkness in the world.  

Friday, June 10, 2016

Garden Designs

I just got back from a two day trip 
to NYC with my gardening pals. 
We toured many amazing gardens 
and my favorite was the
(5th and 105th St)

Gouache studies on paper
7 x 9ish 

Our knowledgable and enthusiastic guide gave us a 
90 minute tour that just took my breath away. 
 The dramatic designs with the various greens and pinks 
of this season were so inspirational,  
 I couldn't wait to put some of my impressions 
down on paper when I got home.  

Next time you are in NYC,
 it would be worth the trip uptown 
to see this horticultural gem. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

When is a Painting Finished?

We all struggle with that critical question
so I was thrilled when my good friend Ann Marie Dowd
sent me the link to an exhibit
currently showing at the Met Breuer 
"Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible".

I highly recommend watching the
one minute video. 

Portrait of Ria Munk III 1917-1918
  Gustav Klimt (Austrian, 1862–1918)

While working on this portrait Gustav Klimt died, 
so this unfinished work gives insight 
into the artist’s process.

(Paraphrased from a recent review on line) 
"The exhibit examines the critical question of when a work of art is finished. 
Featuring 197 works dating from the Renaissance to the present,
it demonstrates The Met’s unique capacity to mine its rich collections
 and scholarly resources
 to present modern and contemporary art 

within a deep historical context."

Oh how I love the internet. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Designing a Painting

My painting pal, Page Railsback and I 
were asked to do a painting presentation yesterday
for our Garden Club.
Our theme this year is "Designing Woman",
with programs focussing on using design in gardening
and other creative endeavors. 

14 x 11 
acrylic and oil  

We set up a simple still life and Page started it in acrylic,
then I "finished" it oils! 
What a fun experiment!  

We also gave each member small cards, pencils and watercolors
and asked them to "design" a painting using just three straight lines
and coloring in the resulting shapes.  

This is an incredibly talented group of gardeners, 
so it was fun to expose them to another form of design!