Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Figure in Sunlight and NEW CLASSES!

After much trepidation from some of the "beginners" in the class,
I hired a model yesterday so we could cover 
"painting the figure in sunlight" 
for our last class.

My ten minute demo 

We did ten, one minute contour drawings 
first to warm up.

Then a few five minute value studies,
massing in everything in light and shadow. 
We finished with quick 20 minute full color studies. 
The results were amazing although I was so busy (and so excited!)
I didn't get any images! 
Even those who had never drawn or painted the figure 
prevailed and had some fun with this!  
Hey. You have to start somewhere! 
So proud. 

"Painting Simply in One Hour"  at 
 North River Arts Society 
Thursdays 9:30 - 12:30 
October 10 - November 14 
More information here! 

(info to follow)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life vs. Photos

We all know that painting "from life" is the best way 
to really "see" your subject. 
I'm really excited about painting the figure from life after the workshop, 
but rarely have anyone around to model for me.
 So, I did this from an image I took of a model we had at the workshop. 
Red Sox fan 
8 x 8 

Look how stiff and overworked that is 
compared to this quick 20 minute study I did outside from life.

That kind of says it all. 

I've got a model coming for my class on Tuesday! 
Can't wait.  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quick Figure Studies outside

My friend Sue Dragoo 
(who also took the PKR workshop last week) 
came over yesterday and we took turns 
posing for each other.
Twenty minute studies out on the deck. 

My 20 minute study of Sue  
Sue's 20 minute study of me! 

(Note: We are both much cuter than these portray, 
but that's not the point) 

It really hit home during the workshop that 
painting from LIFE is SO valuable!   
 I need to practice, practice, practice,
drawing and painting the figure from life outdoors 
as often as I can.

Even these little contour drawings on the beach will help! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Translating Value to Color

Translating "value to color" is probably the most difficult concept to understand. 
Today we divided our boards in half 
and did two identical "maps" of a simple still life.  
On the top, we did a full range (6) value study using black and white.  
Then painted the bottom one in full color, 
"matching" the color directly on the value study above. 

The idea is that if the "color" disappears when you squint, 
it's the right value! 

Here is that same exercise as seen on the 
"Value Viewer" application in gray scale. 
We instantly knew that she needed to make the light side of the lime lighter
and the shadow side darker!  
How fun is that?   

Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Be Yourself!"

Peggi is a very generous and thoughtful instructor! 
 She did a demo for every exercise she had us do, 
gave us lots of one-on-one instruction.
 and kept us working right up until the last minute. 
(Even in an impossible heat wave. She is a trooper!)

Peggi Sketching 
(98 degrees and no breeze!)   

All of the exercises we covered are on her awesome DVD's:
Value Plans, Pattern Painting, Edges, Paint Application, Simplified Shadow Mass,
High Key Paintings, Proportions of the Head, Proportions of the Figure, Adding Figures in the Landscape (perspective), Contour Drawing and Figure in Two Colors.
Some samples of her demos:  

Proportions of the Head 

Simplified Shadow Mass Exercise on the left
The one on the right became a 
High Key Painting demo. 

Proportions of the Figure  

The lesson I appreciate the most though, is that she was constantly reminding us 
"to be ourselves."
"Learn the tools and then use them to develop your own way of expressing yourself. 
Never try to paint like someone else.
Give yourself permission to be who you are!" 

That reminder alone, was worth the whole week. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Five Day Workshop Glow

I haven't taken a five day workshop in a long time
and had forgotten how wonderfully intense they are! 
I just returned from the "Figure in the Landscape" 
workshop with Peggi Kroll Roberts.

Castle Manor Inn
Gloucester, MA 

To sequester yourself away from all distractions of "normal life" 
 to simply focus on your passion for a week 
is incredibly enriching. 
The sharing of ideas, knowledge and experiences is invaluable 
and the friendships made are priceless. 

I'm coming away exhausted, inspired and spinning with new ideas.
Thank you Peggi, Ray, Kat 
and all the incredibly talented and fun painters
I got to spend the week with! 

Just one of Peggi's incredible demos.

Friday, July 12, 2013

"Busy Beach Day" gone wild

An idea for a long, large "Busy Beach Day" painting 
 has been simmering for a while and I finally got around to it this week.  
I bought a 12 x 24 gallery wrapped canvas,
and found the surface way too porous and frustrating,
so I used three 12 x 12 Raymar boards instead. 


I planned it so I can now put them together and have my long 
"Busy Beach Day" painting!"

" July Fourth" 
12 x 24 

This is exactly what I had in mind, 
so it was a joy to do. 
Love it when that happens. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Painting from Photos" exercise

I like to keep my demos simple and to the point.
This week, I did this for our exercise on how
 "Paint from Photos".

"You Talkin' To Me?"
8 x 10 

Technology offers us so many new tools, 
it's hard to keep up. 
We talked about many of the new "apps" that are available
for I Pad and I Phones,
like Brushes and Value Viewer.

Putting an image in Value Viewer, 
allows you to play with different value plans! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Keepin' Cool

It's great to be back to work after a fun week of celebrating 
the summer holiday with family and friends. 
Hope everyone stayed cool! 

Keepin' Cool
8 x 16 

I've been wanting to try another experiment with a linen board.
 I toned this one gold and did my map in red acrylic.
I'm finding I like the way the linen absorbs the paint.
You get softer edges, that's for sure!