Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Puppy!

 I 'd like to introduce you to
my new studio pal!  

11 week old female yellow lab

While she was asleep in my studio today, I tried to do a quick portrait of her.
It was a wiper- she kept looking like a stuffed animal! 

I am over the moon in love with her, 
so I'm sure there will be plenty of "portraits" to come. 

PS. I just had to bid on Jim Coulter's painting "Limoncello" 
that he posted today!  


  1. She is adorable...and will have a wonderful life filled with love and lots of attention. And how perfect...limoncello- Love James Coulters work!

  2. YOU and Cello are TOO cute..such love for your birthday and Valentines day all rolled into one

  3. Oh boy! puppy breath! Well, you've gotta know how majorly impressed we all are over here in Dogtown!!! I figure you're heading into the PST Zone. That's Puppy Standard Time. That's 2 hours ON, as in eating paint tubes and running with toilet paper streamers. Then 2 hours OFF, as in lights out, shades pulled and dreaming with twitchy toes. Congratulations!

  4. Adorable! I've been painting dogs for some time's addictive!

  5. Oh, she is wonderful and what a great studio mate....

  6. She is the sweetest thing! No wonder you're in love with her!

  7. Happy Birthday and of course, you're in love and it doesn't get better than that!