Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still At It

Painting these 16 x 20's is a real challenge,
and I'm enjoying it tremendously. 
I've found that all the drawing necessary
to get the proportions correct tends to tighten me up,  
so to then stay loose and spontaneous while painting is a struggle.
When working smaller,
I simply sketch in a "map"and start painting!
Bigger canvas's seems to require a grid, a ruler, and some patience.  

Cottage Lane
16 x 20 

Part of me wants to crop this in half vertically.
I like the smaller buildings on the right,
probably because they are smaller
and less fussy.

Cottage Lane 
10 x 16 


  1. Nancy, So impressive! I love these, and admire your ability to jump in with something new and make it all work!

  2. These continue to be amazing..sparking, clean and pleasing. I want to be there in the painting

  3. I just love these too! The colors are so crisp. You really can feel the sunlight. Beautiful!

  4. Clean and fresh. I love it. I undestand what you're saying. I go through the same thing when I paint buildings. I like it VERY much cropped. I slightly wider crop would be nice too. Great work!

  5. The cropped piece gives it a feeling that there aren't too many houses around, giving a feeling of a peaceful spot.

  6. Wonderful light and inviting scenes Nancy. In the piece I did yesterday I struggled with getting my values right! So crucial to a good painting. You done it here though.

  7. This series is awesome, nancy - great work!!

  8. Really like the format of the second painting! Beautiful work!