Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This month the subject of the Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge is "Fluffy". 
My first thought was sheep, then pillows, then towels.
I ended up doing this in honor of my friends Joan and Kelley
They love anything that is a "vehicle for butter" 
"Fluffy French Toast" 
6 x 8 
(Real butter and maple syrup PLEASE! )


  1. Delicious looking "French Toast", Nancy . . . with a sprinkling of powdered sugar! My favorite way to eat French Toast is with peanut butter spread on top. You did an excellent job on this. Love it!

  2. Ahem.... one of the 'butter lovers' weighing in.... YUM! Nanny, you really knocked this one out of the park! Now I'm off to make some French Toast... thanks a lot.....:}

  3. Fantastic French Toast! That's a great subject for "fluffy".

  4. Yummy!! Your French Toast is perfect!

  5. Kind of skimpy on the powdered sugar. :-P
    That is the way I grew up. My wife looks at me funny as she pours maple syrup on hers. Nope, lots of butter and powdered sugar. Once mixed some cinnamon with the powdered sugar to get an extra shot. I had a little nutmeg in my mixture too.
    Great pic. Now I wish I had had breakfast.

  6. Almost looks like peanut butter and jelly on warm toast, the way it melts and mixes together with the spreading action...one of my faves. The powdered sugar gives it away, though...not that that wouldn´t work with PB&J!

  7. In Northern Michigan, cherry capital of the USA, you can buy cherry syrup that is excellent on French toast.

  8. Why is it called "French toasts"?
    We never put maple syrup on bread.They should have called them "Canadian toasts!"