Monday, April 4, 2011


I've been collecting images of modern beach house interiors for a series. 
My idea is to capture the essence of mid-century architecture
(open spaces, clean lines, the bringing of nature inside)
in a simple abstract, yet interpretive style.   

 I found this artist on the internet today
 and her paintings just knocked me over.  
Her paintings feel very modern to me. 

 I got so inspired I had to get started! 

Study for MCM interiors series 
8 x 8 



  1. You're both quite remarkable, but I must say thanks for the link to Peri Schwartz. Wow!

  2. Wow, Nancy . . . you are always trying something new! This is just great.

  3. Bowl me over!...I agree with are really on to a very cool thing...absolutely LOVE your first in your new series

  4. Also, thanks for the link - I remember you mentioning her last night at our meeting, but couldn't remember her last name. Thanks for the post. Yes, this is in your spirit - you definitely should do it!

  5. Another great painting. Love the play of warm and cool colors. I really admire how you simplify the shapes......such dynamic paintings. I agree with Linda, Wow! Can't wait to see more in this series.

  6. Love her painting and yours. I recognize the house :D